The Oenoflow FIT System is a new modular crossflow system specifically designed for wine clarification and polish filtration at small wineries. Components or “modules” can be coupled together like puzzle pieces to configure systems that FIT the specific working needs of each winery

Oenoflow FIT Components

The base system, constructed of stainless steel employs two high flow, high area hollow fiber microfiltration membranes. The fully automated unit has “Cycle” programming so that systems can be operated and cleaned with minimal operator interaction. To tailor the system to specific winery conditions, additional modular building blocks can be added to the base system.

85 square meters of surface area. Nitrogen purging before and after filtration. Ability to run with 2 or 4 modules. Ability to run without T-1. This is the most versatile unit in the lineup. Flow rates between 400-1600 gal/hr.

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